School Flag Design

Excerpt from the Observer, 2015 by Vernon Davidson:  Mrs Reid said that in discussing the flag-raising exercise with the students she was very pleased with their responses when asked about the significance of a flag to the community.

“One student described the flag as a symbol of identification; it says to everyone that this set of people are a unique group with features and characteristics that distinguish them from others,” the principal related.

“Another student said that the flag symbolises for a people their great achievements. It reminds them of the struggles they have gone through and also of the many blessings they have received on their journey together.

“Another said the flag is a symbol of pride in who we are, and it serves as a rallying call to all members of the family, our community, to come together and work hard to ensure that the rich legacy that we have inherited is passed on from one generation to the next.”

She told the guests that at the end of the discussion she reminded the girls that “within the context of this world it is only independent nations that have the privilege of flying their own flag, and that prior to our Independence it was the British flag that was flown in Jamaica”.

“When you are in a position to create and hoist your own flag it gives you a strong sense of self and a confidence in who you are as a people,” Reid added.

She said the hoisting of the flag serves as a clarion call to all members of the St Andrew High School family to come out in their numbers and support the activities planned for the year-long celebrations that are scheduled to begin on September 21 with an anniversary service in the school’s garden theatre.

“There is indeed much to celebrate — 90 years of stellar growth and achievement, 90 years of investing in the lives of beautiful young ladies who graduate to become leaders in their various walks of life, both locally and internationally,” Reid said.

“We believe that our founding fathers and mothers, and all who have gone before would be pleased with our progress. However, there is still much more to be accomplished. I believe that the sentiments expressed in the theme for the 90th anniversary celebrations [Enriched, Empowered, Abounding in God’s Favour] encapsulate the reality of those of us who are privileged to be a part of this school community — whether as student, teacher, support staff, parent, or friend. For through the St Andrew High experience we have all been enriched, empowered and are truly abounding in God’s favour.

“May our school flag serve as a constant reminder to us of the rich heritage that we share. I am confident that with God’s help there is nothing that can stand in the path of success for those who are called to live the ‘life more abundant’.”