Maintain the Legacy – Make Your Online Donation Today & Build Your Gift

Online giving to the School is coordinated and managed by the SAHS Foundation, established in 2005 by the Board of Governors and registered as a charitable organisation.

The Foundation’s medium and long-term capital projects support the building and maintenance of a state-of the art campus.  In 2015 the Foundation completed the 3-year renovation of the Mary Dawson Science Block (formerly the Old Science Block).

In 2020, donations of $2.7 million were made to the Covid Care campaign to purchase tablets and laptops.

The current project is to build a Student Hostel on the campus at the Residential Annex.

Give to a Project or Area of Greatest Need

  • One-Time Donation  – select your project when you donate.
    • Area of Greatest Need
    • Student Hostel @ the Residential Annex
    • Student Welfare
    • SAOGA Jamaica Projects
  • One One Coco – recurrent giving / a small amount monthly to the Area of Greatest Need

One One Coco Donation

One-Time Donation

Online Transfer in JMD or USD

Online donations in or to Jamaica can be made in JMD or USD to the SAHS Foundation.

Please send an email to advise us of your online donation as these are not easily identified in online banking.

Bank: First Caribbean International Bank (CIBC)
Branch: Half-Way-Tree 

USD Only

Account Type:  Savings
Account #: 1001355254    

JMD Only

Account Type: Savings
Account #: 1001355212