Living More Abundantly

As an “Andrews Girl” you have now joined a great and large family united by this special experience and the lifelong friendships that you will forge here.

The SAHS family is one of support, order and opportunity in which your principal, teachers, staff and student leaders will encourage and assist you to explore your talents and your pursuit of academic excellence..

Courteous and caring behaviour are the hallmarks of an Andrews girl. They say you can always tell whose an Andrews girl!

Explore one or more of the over 40 co-curricular activities. Build your loyalty to your house – which will be with you for the rest of your life.

Get to know our own Emrie James Museum – the island’s first museum – a tribute to Miss Emrie  James who served as school secretary for over 40 year. Discover the legacy of over 90 years of the school’s life.

For in a few short years, this will have ended and you will be a SAHS ‘Old Girl’ connected to the school forever with a commitment to maintaining the Legacy for those who will come after you.

Welcome to St. Andrew High School for Girls and here’s to a Life More Abundant!