Norma Darlington

Messages of condolence are pouring in to the School and on Facebook for former Vice Principal, Mrs Norma Darlington who died on July 1, 2015. It is with deep regret that Mrs Reid has informed us that beloved Former Vice Principal Mrs. Norma Darlington passed on the morning of July 1, 2015.

It is great consolation to the School Family to know however, that Mrs Reid visited her in hospital on Friday, June 26 to deliver the official letter informing Mrs Darlington that the 11th Grade Block was to be named the Ashmeade/Darlington Block on September 21, 2015. Mrs Darlington was overjoyed.

Mrs Darlington was a member of staff for 22 years. She joined the staff in September 1967 and became our fifth Vice Principal in September 1979. She was Vice Principal for 10 years until she resigned in July 1989 to become Principal of Shortwood Teacher’s College.

Dr Elsa Leo-Rhynie, director of the SAHS Foundation and patron of the 90th Anniversary Celebrations gave this tribute to her – “Mrs Norma Darlington was a very special lady.  She was beloved because of her ready smile, her passion and compassion, her energy and wisdom, her creativity and commitment to the education of Jamaicans of all ages. Above all, she was faithful to her belief in the goodness of God, even when enduring hardships and serious illness.

I knew Norma Darlington well and admired and respected so many things about her. She loved SAHS and I am extremely happy that her significant contribution to the school will be memorialized in the naming of the Grade 11 block.

Norma was a loving and loyal wife and mother and we join her entire family in celebrating her life even while we grieve at our and their loss.”