Sports Day 2017 was fantastic. School and House spirit overflowing.

Arc House finished first, followed by Anderson, Cavell, Stockhausen, Darling and Gartshore.

In Cheerleading Cavell finished first, followed by Stockhausen, Gartshore, Darling,Anderson and Arc.

Cheerleading  – The first squad which graced our presence on sports day was Gartshore who were robots determined to wow us with their Techno abilities. Then we had Arc dressed as the scariest zombies with their very own coffin and grave stones for all the other houses. We then had Darling house dressed like cowgirls who put on the sweetest perfomance ever. Cavell were circus girls crawling through hoops for their trophy. Followed by Anderson who awed us with their cheers and stunning rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Finishing out the competition we had Stockhausen who were Pirates on the seven seas to win the competition.

Teachers’ Race – The students were not the only ones ‘turning heads’, we cannot omit our teachers. Miss Clayton, from the English department claimed the gold for Anderson house in the 100m sprint. Mr. Bradshaw of the Mathematics Department, ran away with the 100 m sprint for men for the fifth consecutive year easily capturing the gold for Cavell.

Lunch Time – The highlight of sports day for most girls was indeed lunch time. DJ Burrell started to play the music and soon afterwards several of the girls rushed to the field to dance and enjoy themselves. Ms. Thompson of the Business Department and Ms. Richards of the PE Department were in their element as they performed an excellent rendition of “LOL” much to the girls’ delight.

The Scholarship – Patrica McLean was the first recipient of The Garth Craig scholarship. This will be awarded as of this year, to the student who successfully balances outstanding achievements in both academics and athletics.

The Old Girls’ Race – The old girls’ race saw two Cavell old girls go ‘head to head’ for the gold medal. In the end Glen Lee dressed from head to toe in her red track gear, took the gold medal with much elegance and style.