The idea of giving a small amount monthly or quarterly is the idea behind the SAHS Foundation’s One One Coco fundraising appeal launched in May for the School’s Wish List which details annual and recurrent needs for the School and it’s development.

Old Girl, Professor the Hon. Elsa Leo-Rhynie who started her monthly donations some 20 years ago has challenged 1,000 Old Girls to sign-up for the programme.

“A little over 20 years ago” she explains, “I felt that I wanted to help in a small way to show my appreciation of the contribution that St Andrew High had made to my life and to assist with the activities of the school.  I started writing a monthly cheque to SAHS and then about 10 years ago I started doing the same for the SAHS Foundation.  The amount I give is not large – it is about the same amount that I pay for a shampoo, manicure or pedicure or about half of what it takes to fill my gas tank!  I see this as my “one coco”… hoping that, of the thousands of SAHS Old Girls, at least another one thousand are adding their “coco” to fill the basket for the school,” she said.

Donations are made via three online vehicles – online bank transfer to the Foundation’s account at Jamaica National Bank (JMD and USD), a Paypal recurring donation (USD), or Givelify a mobile app for both Iphone and Android (USD only).

For more ore information on the One One Coco Campaign and how donations can be made visit the website Giving page or  Click Here