The teachers of St. Andrew High School are integral to the school’s success. The schools strategic recruitment programme seeks to identify candidates with impeccable qualifications. Equally important is the fit with the nurturing, disciplined family environment the school works hard at preserving.

Once selected, teachers undergo meticulous orientation to help them understand the requirements of SAHS in playing its part in moulding positive citizens who will make valuable contributions to nation building and live positive, fulfilling lives.

Teachers are focussed on creating an environment that encourages learning and work with parents and the school to create the best atmosphere to enhance and promote learning.

You will find many different personalities among them but they all have one thing in common and that is their mutual desire to see you excel.

IMG_1290Our teachers are interwoven in our academic and co-curricular lives and we must always remember that appreciation and mutual respect are the order of the day if we are to successfully work together to achieve our goals.

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