“The term has started off well and our students have once again performed at a high standard in the external  examinations with a 98% pass rate at CXC CSEC and a 99% pass rate at CAPE,” reports Principal Reid.  Read about the School’s Academic Focus for 2014/15 and standby for a full report on 2014 external exam results.

For the Academic Year 2014-2015,  SAHS will continue under the umbrella theme of Children Learn What they Live, Children Live What They Learn as we endeavour to ensure that this student centered approach to education permeates the teaching/learning culture of the institution as reflected through our staff members and by extension our parents and all other adult members of the St. Andrew High School Family. The focus remains on meeting the needs of the 21st Century Learner through a more interactive and integrated approach to education with emphasis on increased access to and use of Technology. The Tag Line: Moving from ideas to implementation serves as a reminder that we must be results oriented in all of our efforts.

The following strategies will assist us in meeting our goals:

  1. Continue the Roll Out of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  2. Improve Levels of Student Performance and Achievement
  3. Rationalisation of Major Events During the School Year
  4. Foster a Stronger Partnership between Parents and Teachers so that we can Work Together to Ensure that what is done at School is Reinforced at Home

Read the full report by clicking here:  SAHS Academic Year Focus 2014/15