A 7-page photo spread in the latest issue of HHG – Health Home & Garden magazine (summer 2017) captures the gardens of SAHS and documents our extraordinarily beautiful campus – “At St Andrew High” the article concludes “is not about having a school garden here or there, it is a school within a garden.”

Paying tribute to the extraordinary work of Mrs Reid and honorary PTA Life Member / Project Manager, Mrs Maureen Chang and the garden caretakers, HHG says “Walking through the 91 year old school compound, one cannot avoid noticing that there is hardly a neglected space and trees, shrubs and flowers abound.

Copies of HHG magazine are available from Essentials, the school bookstore, and can also be found in pharmacies and bookstores islandwide. HHG magazine can be found online athttp://www.hhgmagazine.com/

How fortunate we are to have such beautiful surroundings.