Issuing a call to all members of the School Family to join the year-long 90th Celebrations,  Chair of the 90th Anniversary Committee, Mrs Maxine Henry-Wilson, outlined the year-long schedule of celebratory activities being coordinated by the 90th Anniversarey Committee and organised by those organisations that comprise a vital School Family – the School, PTA, Foundation and alumnae associations locally and overseas.

The Christmas term will see the school taking the lead as the celebrations focus on school-based events supported by the PTA and the St Andrew Old Girls Association (SAOGA). The annual Commemoration Service on September 21, 2015, the exact day of the School’s founding, will be followed by the naming of six (6) school buildings honouring past principals and vice-principals who have served.

“We have a range of exciting events planned intended to engage the interest of all the generations of alumnae, current students, parents as well as friends and admirers of the school. The celebrations will climax April 10-16, 2016 with Homecoming Week in which we expect hundreds of old girls from the Diaspora to return to the island. During that week, we will stage a Literary Evening, an Education Conference, a School Open Day and a Legacy Banquet and Awards Ceremony. In the Homecoming Week, year groups will be hosting their own reunion events”, shared Mrs Henry-Wilson.

Distinguished past student Professor Emerita Elsa Leo Rhynie, patron of the 90th Anniversary Programme, noted that a milestone of this significance deserved to be marked not only with celebration but reflection and forethought. “Ninety years of existence is a feat in itself. To have continued to thrive through the evolving socio-economic and political landscape as our country transitioned from colonialism to independence and nation building demonstrates an amazing ability to adapt to and take control of new situations. What remained constant throughout many challenging periods was the school’s commitment to maintaining a holistic approach to educating its students and championing the enduring Christian values inculcated by our founders.” The school was founded as a joint project of the Wesleyan Methodist and Presbyterian churches in 1925; a partnership which remains strong today.

“As we highlight the achievements of those who founded and built St Andrew, it is essential for us to look ahead to anticipate the new challenges which present themselves in this dynamic post-modern environment in order to ensure that future generations of students will also be prepared for a “Life More Abundant”, Professor Leo-Rhynie said.