For the 90th Anniversary, six buildings were named to honour principals and vice-principals, following on the already named Dahlia Repole Complex, Fay Saunders Counselling Center and the M Joan Reader Vocational Block.  Also shown are memorable features – Edwina, the refurbished Library interior, the gym and Cecelio Park. Link here.

Mona GeoInformatics, producers of the first video in 2011, kindly updated the video. Amazing work. Now you can see the School as it looks in 2016 – with the buildings:

  • The Margaret Gartshore Hall – The school hall named after the second and longest serving principal. January 1926 – August 1957. Miss Gartshore served until her retirement for over 31 years. She joined the staff in 1925 the year of the School’s founding.
  • The Doris Stockhausen Building – The Main Building is named for our first and longest serving Vice Principal 1925-1962 (37) years. Miss Stockhausen retired in 1962.
  • The Janet Gartshore Administrative Building – Sister of Margaret, Janet Gartshore was the first Principal and served from April – Dec.1925.  She prepared the school for its opening and served for one term.
  • The Mary Dawson Science Block – Miss Dawson was our third Principal for 11 years –September 1957–August 1968. She joined the staff in 1938 and resigned in 1948 to return to England. Even though the Swimming Pool was named for Miss Dawson, it was important to to honour her role in the development of Science in the Institution by naming the Old Science Block which was restored by the SAHS Foundation in 2015 after her.
  • The Ashmeade/Darlington Block (Grade 11)  – Dahlia Ashmeade – Fourth Vice Principal September 1978 – September 1995 was on staff for 29 years.  She joined the staff in January 1967 and retired February 24, 1996. Norma Darlington –Fifth Vice Principal Sept 1979- July 1989 served for 10 years. She joined the staff September 1967 and resigned July 1989. She was on the staff for 22 years. During the period 1978 to 1988 when the school was on two shifts Miss Ashmeade served as Vice Principal for the 1st shift and Mrs. Darlington served as Vice Principal for the 2nd shift. When the school reverted to one shift both Vice Principals worked together until July 1989 when Mrs. Darlington resigned to become Principal of Shortwood Teacher’s College.
  • The Founders Memorial Library – This beautifully renovated building was commissioned into use on Commemoration Day September 22, 2014 to the glory of God and with gratitude to the men and women of faith in the Methodist and United Churches who had the vision and courage to establish this noble institution St. Andrew High School for Girls. We stand on their shoulders and acknowledge that we are reaping a harvest of achievement from the hard work invested by those who have gone before us. We are indeed abundantly blessed.