Support the St Andrew Old Girls Association and spend an evening of laughter with the purchase of tickets for the Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm performance of Patrick Brown’s hilarious new comedy “Duppy Whisperer” at Centerstage Theatre.

 Nicole Marshall-Walker at 371-4611 or Michelle Lawe at 564-0124 have tickets. Your ticket supports the very important Welfare Fund which assists with the many increasing needs of the girls at Andrews.  

Support the SAOGA and your School and come and enjoy “Duppy Whisperer” on Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm. Here’s a brief synopsis.

Leading playwright Patrick Brown has summoned the duppy whisperer … a character who professes he has the ability to summon the dead.

Though business is quite brisk for the good Dr. Seefur, we find out soon enough that this self styled whisperer is not quite what he has made himself out to be. Things actually come to a comedic head when a real live DUPPY ends up being summonded by Seefur. Like the barking dog catching up with the car, Seefur doesn’t quite know what to do, as the duppy tek set.

What’s for sure though is that the comedic genius of the decorated playwright (Brown) is not a whisper in this one, but on full display … and with an added bonus to boot. We get somewhat of a Halloween type scariness, which takes the comedy to even greater heights.

Perennial crowd-pleaser Glen “Titus” Campbell takes on the role of the archetypal Jamaican conman Dr. Seefur. He is ably supported once again by the super talented Jambiz Krew. Camille Davis provides a good foil for Campbell, playing his wife Adassa, an able but too often reluctant assistant.

Dr. Seefur is large and in charge, owing in large measure to his enviable reputation to connect people of this world with dearly departed loved ones in the nedder world … at will.

Everything is going to plan for the goodly doctor. A bevy of clients and the dollars are rolling in until things take an interesting tune … a REAL Duppy appears. Pandamonium reigns supreme. First man fe run? Dr. Seefur.

The cast is rounded out by other Jambiz regulars in Sakina Deer, Courtney Wilson, Sharee Elise and recent recruit David Crosskill, who impressed everyone with an outstanding character portrayal in last year’s Saving Alligator High. Crowd favourite Camille Davis, again shows why she is regarded as one of the finest young actresses around with another performance from the top drawer. Young Deer, who herself has amassed a string of outstanding performances on stage, appears again, and is again in fine mettle. As an ensemble the cast is already running like a well oiled comedic engine, and is now merely in fine-tuning mode as the countdown to opening night happens in earnest.