2016-10-31-photo-00000025SAHS PTA led by president Lisa Stiebel joined the JC PTA and other schools in Monday’s peaceful protest on Hope Road outside the Jamaica College gates which was sparked by the tragic killing of JC 3rd former Nicholas Francis last week.

“The peaceful demonstration”, said PTA public relations officer Nichole Dixon-Jacobs “is just the beginning of sending a clear message of no tolerance.”

Speaking at a press conference at the Ministry of Education later on Tuesday, Errol Holmes, president of the JC Parent-Teacher Association, said the ‘informa fi dead’ culture has stifled the development of the country, as it leaves persons afraid to report crimes. He also said law-abiding citizens cannot allow the bad in society to outweigh the good.

“We are making a strident call to civil society to resist this philosophy called ‘informa fi dead’. When good people don’t speak because of the fear of bad people, bad people rule. Two per cent (of people) are bad and 98 per cent are good, but when the 98 per cent are frozen into inactivity and fear, the two per cent lead,” he said.

He also argued that he believed that all schools should implement a spiritual committee in their institution.

“There’s a model at the St Andrew High School (for Girls). They have a spiritual committee which meets on a regular basis to pray over the children at the school and to ask God for guidance. It has been my belief that it is God who has been leading this nation and it is our God who will help us, and I think it is a good thing for us to call on the name of God,” he said.