Thank You for ChoosingAll One One Coco recurring donations are made securely to the SAHS Foundation’s CIBC Bank account in Jamaica and/or through the St Andrew Alumnae Association Inc. – Washington DC Metro Chapter, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations are tax-deductible in Jamaica or the United States, respectively.

All donations incur bank charges – in making your donation please consider giving a little bit more to offset these charges.

Your Options Are:

1 – From Your Bank account to our CIBC Bank Account in JMD or USD:

Branch: Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica
Account Name: SAHS Foundation
Account Type: Savings

JMD Account: #1001355212

USD Account: #1001355262

Send by:

2 – Your PayPal account which accommodates recurrent giving accepts US, Canadian and Australian dollars and Euros

Click here to go directly to PayPal / One One Coco

3 – A free downloadable app at Givelify.com for your Android or Iphone. You will need to sign up on Givelify and download the app to your Android or Iphone. Tap. Give. Done.

Once you have set up your Givelify account on your phone use these links to One One Coco Giving. You will have a choice of donation accounts.