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A warm welcome to the new members of the St. Andrew High School family.  New parents, you are embarking on a life-changing experience that you will share with your daughters and wards. This is the starting point of a lifelong relationship with the school and all who share the honour of having attended this institution. Through the coming years, you will grow to embrace our motto “Life More Abundant”.

Get ready to experience the fulfilment of seeing your young fledglings mature into confident, mature well-rounded ladies eager to make their mark in the world.  Please support them as they embrace the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the history of the St. Andrew High School for Girls, and help them to contribute meaningfully to this chapter.

The SAHS PTA is a cornerstone of the school. We are committed to supporting all the programmes that the school undertakes. Through our committees, detailed overleaf , the PTA collaborates with the school to provide financial assistance for its initiatives and to promote our students wholistic development. Through the years, the PTA has been successful in achieving its objectives through the committed efforts of dedicated school personnel and parents such as yourselves.

The previous Association, headed by Mrs. Lisa Stiebel, created a strong platform on which we can now build. Please join with us! Contribute your hearts and talents as we continue working for the wellbeing of our students.

Dr. Lanie Oakley-Williams –