The inaugural hoisting of the new school flag and the launch of the School’s 90th Anniversary celebrations was attended by much pomp and ceremony and witnessed by guest speaker, Minster of Education Rev. the Honourable Ronald Thwaites along with students, parents, teachers, alumnae and friends on June 5, 2015. The theme of the year-long celebrations is Enriched, Empowered and Abounding in God’s Favour .

The flag, the first in the school’s history, features the crest of the school encircled by seven grey stars against a dubonnet background.  It was designed by Kathryn Lawrence, current deputy head girl of the school.

“The flag is a symbol of respect and devotion. It reminds us of the great achievements of this noble institution and inspires all members of the school family to resolve to build on this rich legacy that we have inherited. It is therefore fitting that as we prepare to celebrate 90 outstanding years of service in education we should do so with an appropriate unifying symbol”, said Mrs Sharon Reid, principal of the school.

Mrs Reid pointed to the relationship between school loyalty and national loyalty. “When we witness the school flag unfurled beside the Jamaican National Flag, we call upon all members of the school family to always be mindful of the strong correlation between loyalty to school and loyalty to our country. To whom much has been given from him or her much is expected. Wherever we are in the world, ours is the task to always find ways to contribute positively to the strengthening of our school and our nation.