Grade 12 Entry Criteria 2017/18   Click Here

Note: Applications are available from the school office once CXC results are announced.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 3.47.45 PMGrade 12 & 13 at SAHS mirrors the school’s MissionThe focus is on cultivating productive citizens through leadership development and community service and involvement. Approximately 175 students are accepted each year inclusive of approximately 10 transfer students.  Each class consists of 10-30 students depending on the demand to study a particular subject.

Grade 12 admission is based on stringent criteriaIt is recommended that students study four (4) subjects.

Our signature Leadership Development Programme with visiting lecturers and seminars is required.

All Grade 12 students are given a trial period in which they carry out specific school duties. At the end of this period they are elected to the leadership body for Grade 13.

Our Community Service Programme is augmented at this level with a requirement of at least 10 hours community service each at each level.

Transfer Students

Space is limited to approximately 10 transfer students each year, the result of many SAHS students qualifying for acceptance. Preference is therefore given to students from schools without a sixth form who meet the criteria. Applications are available from the school office once CXC results are announced.

All students are accepted to Grade 12 on a one-year contract. Promotion to Grade 13 is not automatic and is dependent on students maintaining the required standards.