The SAHS Foundation supported by the SAHS Parent Teacher’s Association and Old Girl’s associations and chapters in Jamaica, USA, Canada and the UK has launched Covid Care – a $2 Million fundraising drive for the School.

Funds raised will be directed in two areas – to support the required Distance Learning & Teaching now in effect which continues through to the end of the academic year and Student Welfare. School will not reopen until September 1.

Reduction in rentals for the School’s facilities – the hall, classrooms, pool, etc. the loss of canteen concession fees, fundraising events cancellations, have resulted in a budget shortfall. The School needs additional funds to meet existing and new expenses – support to students and teachers for distance learning (data plans and increased utility bills) and student welfare.

In April and May, the School’s Guidance Department identified some 218 girls and some parents in need during this crisis. The PTA’s Love Drive reached out to parents, Old Girls and the Foundation for help. The Guidance Department and the PTA packaged and distributed food items and sanitary products which were collected at the School by parents. Support needs to continue through June and July.

Donors wishing to support Covid Care are asked to use Direct or Online Transfers to the Foundation’s accounts held at First Caribbean International Bank / FCIBC – the fastest and least expensive method to contribute to Covid Care.

Al donations should be confirmed by sending an email to Donations will be acknowledged when confirming emails are received and as soon as they show up in the electronic system.

Instructions for Direct or Online Transfers are available here.

The two SAHS Foundation’s accounts at CIBC / First Caribbean International Bank, Half Way Tree Branch are;

Cheques may also be sent to the SAHS Foundation, ℅ the School Office. The School office is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 2pm.

Thank you for supporting Covid Care at SAHS. We are all faced with challenges in this Time of Covid but we will prevail.