The School will celebrate its 92nd Anniversary on Commemoration Day – Thursday September 21, 2017. Each year on the anniversary of the school’s founding, we set aside Commemoration Day for the school family to thank God for our rich heritage and spend some time reflecting on our lives and building up the “spiritual man”.

All are invited to attend the service in the Garden Theatre.

Mrs Reid’s letter to Parents/Guardians on Commemoration Day explains this school year’s theme of Soaring.

“As we give praise and thanks to the Lord for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon us over the past 92 years, we have been strongly reminded of our school’s Vision inspired by the men and women of faith who had the courage to establish this institution in 1925.

This year we will be exploring together the concept of Soaring as we focus on lifting the levels of Teaching and Learning in the institution to even greater heights. Throughout the year we will be examining several aspects of the eagle, These, we believe will serve to inspire and instruct all members of the school family in the way we should go in order to achieve our goal of maximising our potential and being best that we can be.”